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Farm life
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

My husband....thank God he is hot...

I LOVE my husband more then anything on this planet(before I get yelled at, my kids are numero uno, but it is a different kind of rude remarks please). Some days are easier then others. Wednesday was a tough day. Actually, we have been in a bit of a slump. I am tired, he doesn't do enough to help, blah blah blah. So he went to the grocery store for me on Wed. afternoon. I went to actually make breakfast this a.m. and do you know what my choices were. Cereal. Yep, that is it. That is what we have almost every week day. I wanted more this a.m. But don't you guys worry, he did manage to get:

a pork roast
a regular roast
chicken breasts
5 pounds of hamburger
bag of chips
chicken noodle soup

That about sums it up. So we have enough protein we need for the next month but what shall we have with it and for other meals, like breakfast. Hmmm. Not sure. I think I may need to go to the store. I guess I should feel honored that he tried to take on the shopping. Maybe next time he could just watch the girls while I go. Seriously...

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  1. I can't send T to buy groceries at all. I mean, I can get him to pick up milk, or bananas, or whatever, BUT, the one time I sent him to get all of our groceries for the week he came back with nothing on the list and a bunch of random crap. He bought 5 kinds of snack crackers - SERIOUSLY!


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