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Farm life
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

My husband....thank God he is hot...

I LOVE my husband more then anything on this planet(before I get yelled at, my kids are numero uno, but it is a different kind of rude remarks please). Some days are easier then others. Wednesday was a tough day. Actually, we have been in a bit of a slump. I am tired, he doesn't do enough to help, blah blah blah. So he went to the grocery store for me on Wed. afternoon. I went to actually make breakfast this a.m. and do you know what my choices were. Cereal. Yep, that is it. That is what we have almost every week day. I wanted more this a.m. But don't you guys worry, he did manage to get:

a pork roast
a regular roast
chicken breasts
5 pounds of hamburger
bag of chips
chicken noodle soup

That about sums it up. So we have enough protein we need for the next month but what shall we have with it and for other meals, like breakfast. Hmmm. Not sure. I think I may need to go to the store. I guess I should feel honored that he tried to take on the shopping. Maybe next time he could just watch the girls while I go. Seriously...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Holy time loss batman...where have I been

I cannot believe that it has been so long since I have posted. Plenty has happened to post about, there just hasn't been enough time in a day to do it. So with that said, I am sooo tired that I am going to just give you some random thoughts by me. Enjoy...

~If you are 32 and decent looking but only have 5 functioning teeth left, don't give us a hard time that your dentures are too pink in the gums. Really, you didn't want to brush, take care of your teeth and now you think the gums of your denture are too pink for your ethnicity. Wow, that is all I have to say. Where was all that concern for your appearance about 20 years ago.

~The turkeys are still harassing us. They chased Makayla from the bus stop back up to the house two mornings ago. She came back inside out of breath and on the verge of tears saying "the turkeys are chasing me". Seriously, even getting free chicken eggs from the turkey's dad, I am thinking we may have to shoot the turkeys and start buying eggs again. Not worth it. Although, Maggie loves watching the turkeys when they are on our front porch. They are ruthless...maybe that is why Maggie feels so connected to them! :)

~Raising a 10 year old is challenging. Raising a 10 year old and an 18 month old while 6 months pregnant is down right insane. Two completely different stages of life and being exhausted from being pregnant makes for some rough nights. Enough said.

~When will my husband get so sick of the house being in the state it is and agree to hire a cleaning fairy? Seriously, my plan isn't working and the house looking like this is driving me crazy!! What will it take?

~Giving your children everything they want is not giving them everything they need. Restraint is good and wanting is even better. More kids need to feel how "wanting" feels.

~To those who say nothing tastes better then skinny feels clearly has never had a Dr. Pepper and french fries from McDonalds.

~Watching your girls have the time of there life at an indoor water park can make even the heaviest of people want to say "screw what people think" and get in the water with them. I am sorry that I let my fear of what others think take over and missed out on some good memories with my girls. I will make it up to soon as next month! Oh and I will be even bigger then :)


Monday, February 8, 2010

A mouse tried to hump my leg...

Ok, so maybe not full on humperoo but still very close. On my way home from work tonight, I spied with my little eye something black running across the passenger floor mat. I thought "for sure that wasn't a mouse". I tried to focus on the snow covered road while going a measly 55 mph. Oh shit, there it goes again. Damn it, it was a mouse. So how do I get the rest of the way home with a mouse up in the front of my NEW van without crashing. I called my husband and told him he had to come get me and drive the van home. He said no. He told me to make some noise with my left foot and the mouse would stay away. He told me that a mouse was not worth crashing over. Clearly he had never thought about a mouse scurrying up his leg while driving in blizzard like conditions(ok so it was just snowing and a little icy). So he hung up on me and told me to stop being a baby. I tried to keep my left foot moving so whiskers would stay away from me. It turned out that my "noise" I was making was a mating call for the lil bastard. I have to admit that it sounded like a mouse but I thought he might think it was a bigger mouse that would beat him up. Nope, he showed his ugly little head again. I did make it home without him humping my leg but only because I cursed loudly at him and was swerving like a maniac. he probably got car sick. My husband saved the day by putting a mouse trap in the van and caught him within 15 minutes of getting home. Dumb ass mouse! Seriously...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm worth it damn it....

I got hired almost 4 months ago working with the best dentist ever. I took a slight pay cut but figured it would be worth it to work for him. I was soooo right. There are so many days that I think it would be so much easier to be a SAHM...only because we have had a rough winter with illness and I am the only one who does my job at work so I am kind of a big deal, er I mean I have to be there! Most days though I so enjoy going to work. Dr. Wonderful is so easy to work with and very entertaining. Anywhos, I am getting off my point. The last dentist I worked for was having an affair with his main assistant which left me and another assistant to feel like we were lower then poop. I have been an assistant for over 13 years and I started to doubt my worth. Well today something happened that I am guessing doesn't happen every day. I met the girl that I won the job over. Being pregnant with my third, I am going down to two days a week. Just enough to get out of the house without feeling like I am overwhelmed and not feeling like I can give my best to everything. So, they hired the girl that was next in line for my job. And. Guess what. She is awesome. She is beautiful, experienced, skinny(bitch), and has a great personality. I could totally see us being friends. We have like 29843 things in common and we talked for about 25 minutes and could have gone on for like 3 hours without that awkward silence. I am actually kind of sad that we won't work together being that we are sharing a full time position. So it got me thinking. Maybe I am uber cool. Maybe I am good. Maybe I am funny, talented, beautiful, skinny(ok, fat chance...get it...fat chance!). I mean they picked me over her. And I had my review and they said they loved me and I am awesome and I got a HUGE raise. Yeah me. I'm good enough, I am smart enough and damn it people like me! Seriously...