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Farm life
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful for...wait, it's not boring...exciting news

Now that all the Thanksgiving festivities are over I will reminisce about the long weekend.

~We had a great time with friends and family! Lots of get togethers and lots of cranky Maggie to go around but overall, I have great kids!
~Lots of good food! Holy guacamole! Wait, guacamole may be the only thing I didn't eat over the last 3 days. I *heart* turkey!
~I actually think Maggie may have out eaten all of us, including her dad! She never stopped. Makayla didn't eat much at all...maybe because Maggie ate it all!
~5 dollars that Maggie's favorite holiday ends up being Turkey day!
~I am so thankful that I have family with a great sense of humor! I especially want to send a humor shout out to a certain Aunt and Uncle. Without them and their sense of humor I would need to be medicated!!
~I am so thankful that my husband continues to put up with me. I decided to clean the house on Fri/Sat and I mean top to bottom. I may or may not have cussed/shouted/threatened to move out if it didn't stay that way. Oh and I told him to get a new profession...for the 628 time this fall!
~Now.....drumroll please.......WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE................



Yep...THIRD TIMES A CHARM!!!!!!!!!!!


This was a complete surprise to us. Yes, we know how babies are made. That is why we were "protected" or so we thought! The last three months have been hell and I wanted to bitch about how awful I have been feeling but wanted the shock to wear off. It still hasn't but I figured if I can openly talk about it on here, I will probably have nothing to bitch about!!! Seriously...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Just a few thoughts on my day...oh what a day!

First, is it just me or is talking about your recent boob job to a patients mom in the waiting room really professional?

Setting...Dentist office
Characters...Receptionist and Patients Mom

I was in the sterilization room and overheard the following conversation.

Recept: I was told the first two days post op would be ok and then it would get worse for a couple days and then get better. Today is the worst day so far but overall it isn't as painful as I thought.

My thoughts while I was hearing this was: "holy shit, please tell me she is not telling a patients mom about her boob job!"

Then pts Mom says: The first time I had them done it was a lot more painful then when I got them redone

Holy boobs batman, they are sharing boob job stories! Seriously, I can't make this shit up!

BTW, she had the surgery done on Wed. of last week and her boobs are still touching her chin, I hope they go down and are not a result of the "deal" she got!

Move on to me picking up Maggie from the sitters. When I get there, the sitter tells me that she !really! thinks I need to take Maggie to the doctor. Oh, great, not this again. I did not take her this weekend, even after her fever on Friday night because it never came back. And her snot is clear, she just has a ton of it. Well, she "highly recommended" I take her. In saying that maybe I should not bring her back until she sees the dr. So because I have no husband at the time being I made the executive decision to take her to prompt care. I can't miss anymore work for sick kids. I dont' want to be fired just yet! So I take the disgusting yet conveniently open for working parents who don't want to miss work...Prompt Care. Let me tell you how that went!

Setting: Waiting room
Characters: Me, Maggie(in a stroller so she cant run around touching all the dirtiness that is on everything), a 2 year old boy, a clueless mom and a very disengaged dad.

2 year old is running wild, touching every magazine, well throwing the magazines all over the waiting area. Oh wait he just moved on to pulling every kleenex out of the box. Oh no she didnt, she just put them back in the box. Ewwww. Note to self. Don't read the magazines and don't use the kleenex!
2 year old sees Maggie and comes barreling over to her(still in her stroller) and reminds me of a St. Bernard. He has slobber running out of his mouth. His hands just came out of his mouth and they are dripping as well. My thoughts are "please don't make me stiff arm you, please don't make me trip you, please don't come near my precious well behaved baby girl". Holy sickness batman, he just touched the stroller. I say to him, "oh no, please don't touch the stroller, my little girl is sick and you don't want to get even sicker". The mom tells me "oh he isn't sick, we think he has pink eye". Are you f*cking kidding me. So pink eye is ok to spread all over the waiting room. What are you thinking, it makes it better because it isn't the flu?! I get out my wipes and wipe down her stroller. I do not care who I offend at this point. We are not letting some ignorant lazy mom allow her demon child to give my little girl pink eye. I ignore her attempts to make conversation. I am actually texting my husband telling him what is going on. He tells me to kick the kid. I am so tempted.

Final story. The Dr who looks about 20, and has the confidence of a worm, asks my 15 month old to open wide for her as she attempts to put a tongue depressor in her mouth. Maggie sucks on it like it is a Popsicle and wont' open. Yet, she still manages a smirk as the Dr says again, "can you open really big". I think I know exactly what Maggie is thinking and I too am smirking! Finally, she tells me that she thinks she has a ear infection. She says thinks because it could be healing on its own or just getting started. She tells me several times that she is going to give me a script for Amox and not to have it filled until she continues to have a fever and/or gets worse. Well let me tell you, Meijer had her Amox ready in less then 10 minutes as she was screaming and we stood right in front of the counter the whole time. And she thought I was serious when I agreed to wait to have it filled! Seriously...

Friday, November 20, 2009

My daughter is plotting against me...

My beautiful, wonderful, smart, funny, too cute for words daughter is plotting against me. I swear. Little Magdelicious has had a cold for the last week. She had a lot of green snot but no fever and acted pretty normal. Just a tad crabby. I figured it was just a cold like I had at the same time. I got over mine pretty fast and assumed she would too. Well, the sitter told me she wasn't acting like herself so I figured I would call the doctor today and try to get her in. You know before the weekend and being my only day off. So, the princess gets up this morning and doesn't have boogers all over her face and her snot is clear through out the day. I decide to not call the doctor. I am proud as I am being the good mom and not the crazy mom that calls the doctor for every sniffle.
She takes a later nap this afternoon then she usually does. So when she wakes up at 5:30 I am super pissed that she has a fever. 102.8. Are you kidding me. Seriously! She waits until after the doctors office is closed and then she gets a damn fever. So now I have to take her to prompt care tomorrow and sit in a germ infested waiting room for hours and get us infected with everything everyone else has. Kids, you gotta love them. Go figure, I was home for a year with 2 kids and not once did they get sick. Now, I am working and it is like they are making up for lost time! Seriously...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Farmer dictionary...

Bored Meeting: What happens when a group of farmers get rained out. They have lunch and call it a "bored meeting".

When my husband told me he had a board meeting at lunch on a recent day that he got rained out from harvesting, I asked him what board he was on. He informed me that they were bored and decided to have lunch together. To make the wives happy, they tell them they have a "bored meeting"to make it sound like it is necessary! Clever I must say!

I just may have to have my own "bored meeting" some night with the girls! Then we will see how clever he thinks he is! Seriously...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New blog post, same bitchin'

I have been reminded that I need to be more up-to-date on my blogging. Let me explain why. It has continued to be C-R-A-Z-Y here. I haven't even had a chance to shave my...well some things shouldn't be discussed! It was going to be big toe if anyone was curious! ;) My choice of a lifetime mate has me wondering if I make good decisions. I love my husband dearly. If you know me, you know it takes a special kind of person to put up with me on a daily basis! However, I do not love his profession. Especially this time of the year. As I have mentioned before, he is a farmer. I HIGHLY discourage anyone from marrying a farmer that did not grow up in a farming family. It takes some getting used to. Oh boy, does it take some getting used to. It wasn't that difficult until we had our youngest. I then realized that my being a single parent for 4 years was obviously training for what is now my reality!

Enough about that. Onto other areas of craziness. Makayla is driving me crazy, which is nothing new. Her cheerleading schedule and the cost are about to drive me to an early grave. Her wonderful oboe is in the shop and she will officially have missed two oboe lessons tomorrow. That pisses me off but glad to not have the noise!! Maggie and I have come down with a cold. Nothing major, just your common cold. I cannot tell you how much better you feel when you have a cold as opposed to the piggy flu! I don't like a snotty nose on myself, but I will take it any day over the piggy flu! Maggie is now saying so many words! Here is a list of her favorites:
mommy, daddy, happy, ball, bug, peas(for is so cute, she gets whatever she asks for when she says"peas"), go-go-go, deac(for her friend Deacon at the sitter), up, out, pretty, all done, uh oh, ouchie, sock, shoe, coat, kids, and lots of things that I can't figure out! She can moo like a cow and roar like a lion. She impresses us everyday!! She refuses to say any form of Makayla and I think she knows exactly what she is doing!!

Oh and there is something I am going to wait a couple more weeks to involves my oldest daughter and you will get a kick out of it!!!

Sorry this isn't funny or witty, just giving the scoop on why I have been MIA. Miss you all and will be back to blogging soon! I promise! Seriously...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maybe animals aren't my thing....

I got my first deer of the season. Actually, to be honest, someone else got him/her first and I got the pleasure of hitting a dead deer in the middle of the road. Who does that? Me! It was on a country road at dusk. Not completely dark but the sun was down. The deer blended well with the road. I was possibly going 60+ miles an hour. When I realized there was a deer laying in the road, I freaked. I braked hard, there was a car coming in the other lane so I couldn't swerve, the ditch didn't seem like a good idea with how much rain we have had. I, shivering, ran it over. Now you have to understand that I had no idea what to do. It all happened so fast and I had Maggie in the car with me. Flipping in the ditch wasn't my idea of fun, although it would make getting a new car easier if I would have totaled it! So, I hit it hard! What amazed me was how my car took the hit and was really ok after. No difference in how it drove. The only thing I noticed when I got home was a lot of deer fur under the car! EWWWWW. I just kept thinking, why couldn't it have been closer to home and those damn turkeys!!! So, that is how my world works. I hit deer that are already dead laying in the middle of the road. Oh, and I am not blonde!!! I may have been on the cell phone though! Shhhh. Don't tell my husband! Seriously...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Help me deal with 10 year old girls...Please!!!

My 10 year old went to a sleep over last night. It was at a friends house that I don't usually allow her to go to. Her mom has made some bad choices and her kids behavior reflects some very poor parenting. Well, Makayla begged and the mom called 38 times. My husband told me Makayla was old enough to know when something wasn't right and we should let her go. I reluctantly agreed. Then I watched an Oprah that I had DVR'd and there was a mom whose daughter was in a bad car accident where another girl died because a mom was drinking and driving with a car full of 11 year olds. The mom said she should have trusted her instincts and not let her go. I was hysterical after that.

I told Makayla to call me ANYTIME, even at 2 in the a.m. if she wasn't comfortable and I would come get her. The girls that were there have not always been respectful of each other and really, down right mean to each other.

Makayla called me at 1:53 a.m. this morning. Luckily her dad was up with lil crab cakes(cookie right before bed, not a great idea!) and got the call. He asked her what was wrong, she said she wasn't having fun and wanted to come home. He asked if she was ok and she said never mind and hung up. I am so glad I was asleep and didn't know this until this morning. He said she wasn't crying and she just sounded tired. I would have gone right over there and gotten her but he let it go.

I had my wonderful husband pick her up early as I was worried. When she got home and I asked her how it was, she started crying. First, she was SUPER tired, not much sleep. Then she got right into what had happened. One of the girls at the party was the culprit for the phone call. This particular girl has been nothing but a headache for us. Let me share with you.

We had her spend the night and she was SO rude to my husband and I and even worse to Makayla. I offered her everything we had to eat and drink, she wouldn't even answer me. She pouted the whole time she was here and completely ignored anyone trying to talk to her. I offered to take her home several times and I should have just put her ass in the car and taken her home. Well I guess she did the same thing at the sleepover last night. Glad it wasn't just us!

She was on our cheerleading team and while at a water park resort with the team she stole a key chain from the gift shop. She is not someone I want my daughter around. I was livid when we were on our way home and Makayla told me that. Supposedly her mom found out and made her send a letter and the key chain back. Or so the girl told my daughter when I threatened to go to her mom.

She is insanely jealous of everyone at all times. To the point where Makayla feels bad about wearing something new because it will cause this particular girl to stop talking to her. I have told Makayla several times that she is not worth her time but Makayla has such a huge heart that she makes herself available to even mean girls.

She is very physically rough too. She threw a wii remote at Makayla at the party because she was beating her. She always punches girls in the stomach at school. Smacks people in the back. Ridiculous.

So, how do we handle this girl. She is crazy and I think we will see her name in the paper in the future, and not for good things. I was all worried about the host and her daughter and it turns out that that was the least of my worries!!! Seriously...

How can it be November already!!!

I simply will not let myself believe that it is November already. I am officially in November denial. I love Thanksgiving and I love the fall colors. I love sweaters, jeans, boots. I am just not ready for the wind. Cold, cold wind. Snow, ice, and all that comes with fall and winter. I guess nothing I can do will change this fact. I do question why I left Charleston, SC to move back here though. My husband cannot move his farm land so we are here to stay. One day I will let that sink in. For now I will continue to dream about warm fall cities, no snow and no wind. Seriously...