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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another feel sorry for me post...

This week has been ridiculous. This is a post about my 10 year old going on 18 year old baby girl. This past Friday, she had "the talk" at school. You know the one. Where they take all the boys out to play kickball and the girls have to watch a movie about a mom and daughter talking about getting periods. The one I saw had a mom making pancakes in the shape of a woman's reproductive organs. I don't think I ate pancakes for years after that. Makayla's traumatizing moment was when they demonstrated how to insert a tampon on a mannequin. She said that she is NOT going to get her period and she is NOT going to put "that thing" "there". Amen sista. If only we could control that!

She also has junior high school cheerleading tryouts this week. Insert me anxiously sighing and heart racing! I am not ready for this. I don't think she is ready either. Or maybe it is just me and my insecurities that make it seem she is not ready. Ok, it is completely me! I will have a newborn, a toddler and a junior high school student in only a couple months! Breathe, breathe, breathe.

She still offers some moments that just make us laugh. You know when she isn't being sassy and talking back. When I picked her up last night, she was talking to a girl. I asked if she just met her that day. Here is our convo...
Her: Mom, that is Madison M
Me: Who is that
Her: From my class at school
Me: (I am not racist. We go to a very small school and there is only one class per grade. I simply thought I knew all the kids in her class.) The black girl?
Her: (Looking at me like she is disgusted with what I just said) You mean chocolate (said with an attitude)

I love that she thinks of skin color as a flavor. Not sure if that is "right" but for right now, I think it is perfect!

As soon as my precious baby is here, I am going to start drinking wine....heavily. Seriously...

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  1. Good luck to Makayla with cheerleading tryouts.
    Good luck to you with periods, potty training and newborn feedings! Enjoy, it goes too fast.


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