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Farm life
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This is why I have been gone, I know, beautiful....

I have been slightly pre-occupied by this lil cutie pie. She is my sugar bear, my sunshine, my everything. She is the child God knew I needed. She is content, calm, happy, easy...I could go on and on!! She loves her momma too, and I wouldn't change that for anything. Here are a few one-liners from our family convo's!!

Maggie on seeing me feed Mia for the first time.
~~"Mia eatin boobies?" , "yes Maggie, Mia gets milk from mom's boobies" About an hour later, EJ comes home and she runs to tell him "Mia eatin boobies!!!" Seriously, can she get any cuter!

EJ says and I quote "I sure wish someone would wake me up by putting boobs in my face" when I was trying to get Mia to eat after she fell asleep right after she started eating.

Maggie wanted to help me feed Mia, so she rests her hand on my boob and watches cartoons.

Maggie helping the boys put together our brand new playground in the backyard~~"God damn it"....hmmm wonder where she gets that from.

Makayla has a cell phone, against my better wishes. It has proven to be more of a pain in the ass then she was begging for it!

It seems that all of a sudden, since June 1st, EJ has miraculously started sleeping sooo soundly at night that he doesn't hear a damn thing. Ironic!

I will have to fill you in on all the other fun stuff that is happening around here next time. I promise to be back, maybe not everyday! I miss my stress release that blogging gives me. Seriously...

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  1. Did you write something? I was too busy "nom noming" those cheeks.


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