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Farm life
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Therapy is in her near future....

Makayla is the queen of stalling before bed. Last night was no exception. After practically blowing a vein from holding in my frustration as she whined about not wanting to go to bed, she finally stomped to bed. Or so I thought. After about 10 minutes I heard her crying at the top of the stairs calling for me. That vein that went back to its normal size immediately puffed to 10 times its size. Then she says a phrase that I about had a stroke hearing. No, it wasn't I started my period. Although that would bring on the same panic. She said "I have a brush stuck in my hair". I about pass out because I know what brush she is talking about. Yep, she found my round brush that I thought was tucked far far away. They should be illegal in all states. After what seemed like 10 years, I got the brush out. Without cutting her hair! I was tempted sooo many times. If I wasn't home, my husband would have cut it without a second thought. Thank goodness I was home! :) Enjoy! Seriously...

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  1. omgosh! I have done that before when I was a kid! you're right they should be outlawed!! you win an award for patience!


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