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Farm life
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Mom jeans can be sexy...right?

I am an official soccer mom. Except that I don't have a soccer player to cart around in my new mini van. I have a cheerleader and a toddler and a baby on the way. I never thought I would say this and I was soooo reluctant to get on but...I LOVE MY MINI VAN!!! If it means I am uncool, then I am happy to be uncool. How did I survive without this hunk of metal before! And the best part is I have a moon roof still. Yeah me! Just you wait and see. Maybe I will get a pair of mom jeans for Christmas!! I cannot wait to drive myself and a car full of kids around and get groceries. All without having to plan ahead and take the stroller out of the back! Oh the simple things in life. I am one happy hormonal the moment. Seriously...

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  1. I love my mini van and I don't give a rip what everyone else thinks! We fit a big piece of furniture in it yesterday. Just take out the last seat and one captains chair and waallaah!
    Just wait, mini vans will come back in style!


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