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Farm life
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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I got nothing. I am in a funny mojo slump. Here is my attempt at a post. Enjoy or don't. Your choice. Wow, for not having a period anymore, I sure am pms bitchy.

~~I feel like I wipe asses allll day. Mia has been pooping like 4-5 times a day and Maggie decided that potty training is more fun when she does great for a week then completely stops. We are looking into pre-school boarding schools. On the west coast. Of China.

~~I have never felt so disconnected to my husband. I don't even want to have wild crazy circus monkey sex anymore. I am that afraid of getting pregnant. Even with the Mirena IUD. I have three children and only one was "tried" for.

~~I wish I lived in a one bedroom apartment. Then maybe I could keep that space clean. Three bathrooms, three bedrooms, three "living areas" and a kitchen...hell to keep picked up(we won't even mention the word clean). No one will help. That doesn't help.

~~I am the rare female on the planet that refuses to drink diet soda. Yes, I could lose weight if I drank diet soda, however, I don't like it so why drink it. I drink more water then I ever have so I justify it that way. I am about to go all postal on the next waiter/waitress who brings me a refill and it is diet. I GET IT. I AM CHUBBY. DON'T ASSUME THAT MEANS I AM ON A DIET. Got it. Next time, the drink is going to be on your diet...and it won't enter through your mouth.

~~I cannot wait for my sister to have a baby. She is trying and damnit if it isn't happening fast enough. Ok, so maybe they just started. I WANT TO BE AN AUNT!!! I want to buy ridiculously ridiculous things for a little niece, nephew or sextuplets!! HAHA, just kidding, kinda. My sister in law has a son but he doesn't like anyone but his mom and won't give me a chance to be the fun aunt. He doesn't know what he is missing out on.

~~I LOVE breastfeeding my baby. Not in that way you sickos. I love that it is easy. Sad, I know. I should be saying it is the best for my baby, it is bonding with her, blah blah blah. It affords me a can of soda and I can; barely wake up, grab her, lay back in bed, flop a boob out, fall back asleep and wake up when my husband asks me if I am going to put that away or is it an invitation. That being said...I can't wait until I have my boobs and life back to myself. We went skiing this weekend sans babies. I was the debbie downer who kept having to go back to the resort/room to pump. I want to go out to lunch with the girls and not have to say no because I have to pump. I am sure in a few months I will be saying how much I miss boobie feeding Mia. Until then, I will feel slightly selfish. mkay.

~~That is all for now. This is what is consuming my world these days...seriously...


  1. haha you NEVER fail to crack me up. this was great. monkey sex...hahahaha. i would be afraid too if i had your luck!

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