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Farm life
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No booger can get past me...

For reals. I cannot stand to see one of my little girls with a boogie in her nose. My 11 year old can retrieve her own so I do not have to worry about her. The little ones, they just walk around and lay around not caring at all that they have "bats in the cave". Me, it bothers the bejeepers out of me. To the point that when my husband sees a boogie before I do, he immediately tells Maggie to "go see your mom, you have a boogie". Maggie then comes right over and moves her lip down over her teeth so I can get a good look! I have her trained. I even tell her, if she isn't being so cooperative, that it is about to bite her and I NEED to get it out before it does. Then, she is still as a statue! Well, with Mia, it is not so easy. She strongly dislikes any sort of cotton square on her face. Be it a cloth diaper, wipe, boogie wipe, or sock(don't judge, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures!), she will start the alligator death roll with her head and body....I kid you not. Tonight, Christmas came early. I got.....A NOSE TWEEZER FOR BABIES!!!! I laughed when I saw this on Amazon. But, I also secretly was jumping up and down. Someone else is obviously just as neurotic as I am!! They have the tiniest little end on them, just perfect for grabbing a boogie in a little bitty nose! Oh, and it may seem like a hard little boogie but they always have a stringer attached. My husband says they are attached to the brain, they are so long. Just so you know, we are a boogie free family. My poor girls...Seriously...


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  1. I can't stand a runny nose kid. Meg can, and tries to evade me, but she's no match for my skills.


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