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Farm life
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Be patient with me please...

So a lot of new things are going on here in My Reality. One, a new job. Two, I am working 4 days a week now. I was only working one day and that was only the last month. It is hard, don't judge. will have to wait. Oh yeah, my husband still hasn't gotten any crops out of the ground yet. We will be taking him out turkey to his tractor on Thanksgiving. Oh, and everything is really bad timing!!

Too tired to post anything tonight that makes sense. So here is a run down.

~Went to the Vikings/Rams game yesterday! It was awesome, the Vikings stomped the Rams and we enjoyed every second of it!!! I love football.
~Maggie is finally feeling better, just a little runny nose here and there.
~Makayla is going as Nancy Drew for Halloween. It was one of the only costumes that did not look like she was going as a age 10.
~My sinus infection is NOT going away and I am ready to do a little surgery on myself. Don't know what I would do but something has to happen.
~My house is a disaster due to a busy weekend, going back to work and no one helping me. I officially don't care until I feel better.
~I love my mom!
~I miss my sister!
~I loved hangin out with my brothers at the game!
~I don't like starting new jobs, yet I love change, go figure. Really, I miss the hell out of the girls from the old job.

Ok, that is enough to put you to sleep. Hope you all can be patient and keep reading even if they make no sense and may skip a day. I am off to bed. Seriously...


  1. go to the doctor you silly girl so you can deal with all this stuff! I hope the new job goes well and you feel better soon!

  2. Don't do the neti pot thing for your nose! I mean, unless you like being waterboarded. I prescribe wine instead.

  3. I agree. No neti pot. It felt like I was drowning myself. Wine and chocolate for you.

  4. Made sense to me - thanks for the update - let the house go - focus on getting back into work - I am so proud of you! Don't do the surgery yourself - just get a nose job when EJ gets done with harvest - make him take care of the girls - mom and I will take care of the house and you can relax! Sounds like a plan in my book. Just let me know when:) I miss you more. Bought our tickets home for Christmas - we fly in Christmas night and don't leave for 10 days... You won't miss me fir a while after that:) luv you and can't wait to catch up!

  5. It sounds like you need a martini some chocolate and a nap. Take care friend.

  6. We miss you and it's no even thursday! Change is hard, but it is for the best. Let the housework go. It will be there when you have time and are feeling better. Take Care!


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