Farm life

Farm life
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

What is going on you ask...

Here is a rundown of life here at our reality...

~Maggie is now being referred to as a bull in a china store. She learned at the sitters that all she has to do is scream/grunt/yell at the twin 2 year old boys who are smaller then her and they give her what they have. They don't even put up a fight.
~She also tries to walk through her toys, not around them. She is the center of her universe and we are just props.
~Makayla is well again, although looking like a twig. She wasted away to nothing with her piggy flu. Don't be worried, she has ALL of her sass back and a little extra to make up for being so compliant for the week.
~I don't know if I have the piggy flu/stomach flu/or just good ole exhaustion! Whatever it is, it can kiss my big squishy ass!!
~My sister is getting married!!!!! MP proposed on Thursday night and her ring is ridiculous gorgeous! They are an amazing couple and he is so lucky to be joining this crazy family!!
~My house is at the point where it would be easier to move then try to clean it. Actually, clean is what it is, cluttered and a disarray is how is looks!
~Farmer Joe got a good 5 days in the field and got rained out just in time for me to lay in bed for a couple days. I love weather and clearly that rain dance I did in my head worked this time!
That is all for now, I will let all this soak in and get back to blogging more regularly when I am feeling better!


  1. I wish there was a cleaning system I could turn on, leave, and come back and it would all be done. You know, like a bug bomb...

  2. I did think of you when Farmer Jim said we got 3.3 in of rain. I thought good for Marquita, EJ is home! That was the only good thought about the rain. S.

  3. You could try to feign extreme illness and act as if you're a pretty pampered princess! What's the likelihood of that happening? The phrase "when hell freezes over" comes to mind...

    I hope things return to your own brand of normal soon! Halloweenie is less than a week away and then it's not long before my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is upon us.


    Weird Cousin Amy


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