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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Me and my curves are no match for a Chevy Trailblazer...

Yesterday we(me, crabby 1 and crabby 2) were on our way into town and oldest crabby couldn't get her seat belt buckled because of little crabby's car seat. I told her to figure it out. I was not about to stop the car. That is how super moms do things, they say figure it out. I am not ashamed. Well it appears the she could not get it. So I tell her to crawl over her sister and get in the other seat. She does it with the swiftness of a gisele. That made me remember my own experience trying to get from one seat to another while in a moving vehicle. Mine went a little something like this...hit it...

We were driving home from a baby shower in Chicago and I was feeding lil crabby. Well I get severely car sick so I wanted to get into the front seat but didn't want to stop to do it. I thought how hard is it to go over the seat. So I make the attempt. I guess I am a bit of a reverse anorexic/bulimic. I think I am smaller then I am.

I got stuck. Really?!

Oh boy did I get stuck. I had half of my body over the headrest and my head wedged against my dear hubby. Maybe it was my approach.

Maybe it is because a grown woman shouldn't climb over the front seat. If I was smaller, like my daughter it wouldn't have been a problem. I guess that is why they made doors on vehicles. Seriously...


  1. I can totally picture this! hope your hubby thought it was funny!

  2. my son pulled the same number on me the other week and he's wailing I'M NOT BUCKLED I'M NOT BUCKLED as i pull out onto the street and he was going into such a hiss fit, i had to pull off onto a side street, get out of the car, open his door, and then heard the CLICK of the belt fastening. i wanted to choke me a child. thanks for following and sorry it took so long to follow back - let's just say technical difficulties !


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