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Farm life
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Friday, October 2, 2009


You are all sick of me complaining pursuing a healthier lifestyle. I know, me too. I try, that is all you can do, right!? Well, if you didn't know that I am allergic to exercise, I am. Deathly. It causes me great physical harm. Oh wait, that is what happens to others when I try! Here is another case in point. I have been taking walks with crabalicious lately. It is the only thing that keeps me from putting her in a closet, with kibble. Well, we have a neighbor that has "wild" turkeys that he is raising...I don't know how wild and raising can be in the same sentence. Anyways they are vicious. MEAN little bastards. Well I was out avoiding dealing with my daughters temperament walking and I saw a cute fuzzy little caterpillar. I was attempting to pick the cutie up for crabalicious and three turkeys charged me. At first, I thought for sure they would stop. I continued, bent over, picking up the damn caterpillar and they continued charging!! I literally had to run with the stroller to get away from these bastards. I of course was screaming like a girl and I am sure I looked like a moose pulling a uhaul but I ran like I have never ran before. I managed to escape the wrath of the evil turkeys but now I am scared to walk again. I guess this is just another sign that I should abstain from any type of physical activity. I hear you loud and clear. Seriously...

P.S. I think we may celebrate Thanksgiving three times this year.


  1. So, were you doing the turkey trot?

  2. I would definately be taking that as a sign! I hate exercise too. how about a turkey only diet?

  3. Got a gun?
    This would have made funniest home videos!
    Snakes, now turkeys, what kind of neighborhood do you live in???!!!!


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