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Farm life
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

How can it be November already!!!

I simply will not let myself believe that it is November already. I am officially in November denial. I love Thanksgiving and I love the fall colors. I love sweaters, jeans, boots. I am just not ready for the wind. Cold, cold wind. Snow, ice, and all that comes with fall and winter. I guess nothing I can do will change this fact. I do question why I left Charleston, SC to move back here though. My husband cannot move his farm land so we are here to stay. One day I will let that sink in. For now I will continue to dream about warm fall cities, no snow and no wind. Seriously...

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  1. I hear you, girlfriend! Fall is my favorite season and Thanksgiving my favorite holiday....BUT...I had to run to Safeway late yesterday afternoon (yes, if you must know, it was to purchase a mylar balloon for Max's birthday party decorations since El Butthead claimed Walgreen's didn't have any when I sent him out earlier in the day) and had a reality check when I was preparing the check (I'm raising my hand to admit membership in the "old fuddy duddy club" who still prefers pen to paper for some transactions) and realized it was...OMG...November! Knowing it in my head and writing it were apparently two different things!

    I've been loving the Autumn this year. It seems that in just the past 2 weeks or so, the leaves have magically turned to wonderful oranges and reds, and the smell of smoke from chimneys is in the air.


    Weird Cousin Amy


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