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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Damn good Chicago driver...

I AM a damn good Chicago driver if I do say so myself. I can weave in and out of traffic, in a mini van mind you, with the best of them. All while going 95 mph. It drives my husband insane but oh well. We just got back from the "burbs" for a cheer competition, which the girls placed 4th(out of 10) and did WONDERFUL. Maggie was her usual defiant, stubborn self. But boy did she look too cute to care/yell at. I did not get a picture of her full on outfit because I was too busy trying to keep her from sliding down the 6 inch gap at the top of the bleachers. She threw her monkey paci down there and someone was nice enough to offer to throw it back and I think she thought if she went down, she would get a wild ride back up!

Just thought I would share with you all a little conversation I had with my 10 year old, innocent daughter. If only she would stay that way forever.

Makayla~ "We talked about Michael Phelps today and that stuff he got caught with."
Me~ *thinking, not saying out loud* did he get caught with grass again, dumbass. I say" what did he get caught with"
Makayla~ "He got caught with something called" *and I quote* "Mar-a-weenie"
Me~ insert laughing hysterically until I pee myself a little, snort and possibly hyperventilate. "do you mean marijuana?"
Makayla~ yeah, that stuff.

Clearly I know she hasn't started hitting the wacky tobacky yet and I shouldn't have corrected her. I should have let her friends correct her and then I would be guaranteed that she would not touch the stuff!!! Seriously...

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