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Farm life
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Naked hiney and my boobs got stuck...

That is what my day added up to. Here are the two scenarios. Enjoy and you are welcome.

1~I was trying to find a "cute" shirt that I could wear that was light weight and not maternity to wear to my baby dr appt. I try to wear the least amount of clothing as possible for my monthly weigh in. So I have this cute Ann Taylor Loft shirt that I am convinced will still fit. I put it on, which was a little bit of a struggle, as it is not cotton so no stretch. It looks decent enough but while I was struggling to get it on all of my deodorant is all over the front. I decided that I would try a different shirt because of how much deodorant is covering the front of shirt A. Well, it wasn't as easy as it seems. I kinda got stuck trying to get the shirt over my super huge boobies. I had my arms and boobs stuck in the shirt. I COULD NOT get out of it. And to make it worse, Maggie decided mom needed to be tickled under her arms like I always do to her when I take her shirt off. Yeah, that wasn't fun. I was literally scared that I would be stuck like this until EJ got home. Between laughing and crying I must have pulled a Cris Angel and got myself out. If only I had he video camera on while this was going on.

2~I am at the Dr's and I tell the nurse that I am having a few Braxton Hicks contractions and is that normal. She says no and tells me to get undressed from the waist down and she will check me to be safe. Not what I want to hear but thankfully I shaved!! So I am undressed with the lovely 1ply napkin across my lap when I realized that Maggie was not strapped into her stroller and was ever so slowly creeping her way out. I thought of what could happen if I ignore it and let her go. I decide that for everyones sake that I will strap her in. Well just as I am bending over to strap her in, my "napkin" falls and the door swings open and the curtain is pulled back. With my ass pointed right at the everyone in the office can see. Yeah, great timing. Well the Dr apologized and asked why I was undressed from the waist down, with a giggle. I told her that the nurse told me to because of the contractions. The nurse didn't mention that to her. Oppssiee. Not how I wanted to start the appointment! Baby is doing good, heart rate is 145/149. Sitting right on the fence of boy/girl. This one is going to throw us for a loop!! Seriously...


  1. Oh honey, you made me laugh! Getting caught with your pants down??? Seriously.... LOL!

  2. ooh, at my postpartum checkup, i had the same thing happen, BUT, fortunately, the doctor came in after i pulled my drapey back over my lady bits. :)

    great post.


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