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Monday, January 18, 2010

Hollywood disaster and my husbands future wife...


While watching the ever boring Golden Globes last night I have two observations I would like to comment on.

1~ I do not like Chloe Sevigny. I never have really. Last night she did it in for me. She won an award, made it to the stage, was helped up by a gentleman whose job it was to escort her up the stairs and then threw a hissy fit because he stepped and ripped her dress. Maybe it was how she interrupted her thank you speech to say "I can't believe you just ripped my dress". Listen her chica. That dress was probably free so you could say the designers name when the 6387 people with cameras and mics asked you who you were wearing. If it was not free you clearly aren't hurting to pay for it. You also chose to wear a dress with a flowy train thingy and he was being a gentleman by helping you. I am pretty sure he wasn't praying you would win the award so he could rip your dress. Get over yourself. Oh and btw...a disaster is not a ripped dress at the Golden Globes. A disaster is what is going on in Haiti. Again...get over yourself.


2~ My husband was giving permission to marry Jennifer Aniston last night by myself. The only stipulation I have is that when he gets the kids for the mandatory every other weekend/Wed. night daddy time, I come with. And Jen must be present for all such visits! And must treat me like her best friend. And he is mine again when she is filming movies. He didn't seem as appreciative as I thought he would be. Maybe it was because I told him I liked the name Tyler for a boy...if we have a boy....and he said "why, because that is your rock star boyfriends last name". Hadn't even dawned on me that my future famous husbands last name is Tyler(Steven Tyler...duh!!)!!! That makes me want to use it even more!! I believe he told me to start living in this world and leave the fantasy world. Seriously...

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  1. ha ha! i can't stand chloe either, and i think jen and i would be bffs :)


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