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Farm life
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some days are better in bed...

Today would be that day. I was tired from the moment I woke up. Not good. Then we had an extremely busy day at work. Felt like I couldn't catch up.

As I was pulling out of the sitters drive way after picking up Maggie, she screeched like I have never heard before. It made me scream and jump and almost wreck the van. I looked back and she was giggling and said "scare me". I said "yes, you scared me". She then proceeded to continue scaring me all the way home. It was a long drive and I needed a whole bottle of Advil when I got home.

When I did make it home, Makayla tells me that she was locked out of the house after school. Opssiee. I let Murphy in this a.m. and I must have locked the wrong lock on the door. She was unable to put the code in and get in because I locked the lower lock as well. It turns out that maybe she had a good point at needing a cell phone at the age of 10. She walked to the neighbors house but ran all the way back home as the DAMN turkeys that we all know I love so much started running after her. Luckily, she was able to catch the mailman(we know the mailman) as he was delivering the mail to our house and used his phone to call her dad. I FEEL LIKE THE WORST MOM IN THE WORLD! Luckily her dad came home and got her. I still can't believe that I locked her out of the house. Don't worry, she wouldn't let me forget it tonite. All night she kept saying things like "the turkeys came out of now where" "I had to pee really bad but thought my legs would freeze if I tried to go outside" "I walked around the house lots of times because it helped me stay warm". Only thirteen days into the year and I have lost my hope of winning Mom of the Year!!!! I bet the new baby will be at least a month overdue knowing what kind of mom he/she is getting!

And the night ended nicely when we went out to dinner at Chinese joint here in town and a staff member "farmer blew" right into the garbage can next to our table. Clearly, it made my day. Who does that!!!! I had a pregnancy hankerin for some Chinese, not a Chinese man clearing his sinus'. Seriously...

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