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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Help me deal with 10 year old girls...Please!!!

My 10 year old went to a sleep over last night. It was at a friends house that I don't usually allow her to go to. Her mom has made some bad choices and her kids behavior reflects some very poor parenting. Well, Makayla begged and the mom called 38 times. My husband told me Makayla was old enough to know when something wasn't right and we should let her go. I reluctantly agreed. Then I watched an Oprah that I had DVR'd and there was a mom whose daughter was in a bad car accident where another girl died because a mom was drinking and driving with a car full of 11 year olds. The mom said she should have trusted her instincts and not let her go. I was hysterical after that.

I told Makayla to call me ANYTIME, even at 2 in the a.m. if she wasn't comfortable and I would come get her. The girls that were there have not always been respectful of each other and really, down right mean to each other.

Makayla called me at 1:53 a.m. this morning. Luckily her dad was up with lil crab cakes(cookie right before bed, not a great idea!) and got the call. He asked her what was wrong, she said she wasn't having fun and wanted to come home. He asked if she was ok and she said never mind and hung up. I am so glad I was asleep and didn't know this until this morning. He said she wasn't crying and she just sounded tired. I would have gone right over there and gotten her but he let it go.

I had my wonderful husband pick her up early as I was worried. When she got home and I asked her how it was, she started crying. First, she was SUPER tired, not much sleep. Then she got right into what had happened. One of the girls at the party was the culprit for the phone call. This particular girl has been nothing but a headache for us. Let me share with you.

We had her spend the night and she was SO rude to my husband and I and even worse to Makayla. I offered her everything we had to eat and drink, she wouldn't even answer me. She pouted the whole time she was here and completely ignored anyone trying to talk to her. I offered to take her home several times and I should have just put her ass in the car and taken her home. Well I guess she did the same thing at the sleepover last night. Glad it wasn't just us!

She was on our cheerleading team and while at a water park resort with the team she stole a key chain from the gift shop. She is not someone I want my daughter around. I was livid when we were on our way home and Makayla told me that. Supposedly her mom found out and made her send a letter and the key chain back. Or so the girl told my daughter when I threatened to go to her mom.

She is insanely jealous of everyone at all times. To the point where Makayla feels bad about wearing something new because it will cause this particular girl to stop talking to her. I have told Makayla several times that she is not worth her time but Makayla has such a huge heart that she makes herself available to even mean girls.

She is very physically rough too. She threw a wii remote at Makayla at the party because she was beating her. She always punches girls in the stomach at school. Smacks people in the back. Ridiculous.

So, how do we handle this girl. She is crazy and I think we will see her name in the paper in the future, and not for good things. I was all worried about the host and her daughter and it turns out that that was the least of my worries!!! Seriously...


  1. OK, I know next year she will have so many more friends to choose from but until them you know who should be off limits - no contact outside of school! She is bad news and always hurts Kayla. This girl is pure evil. I think I will have a talk with her parents but I really don't think it would do any good. This makes me soooooo angry. Poor Kayla, trying to be the nice girl like you/we have taught her and it is coming back to bite her. No more, tell her she does not have to be nice to Allis..... any more!

  2. Yep, I agree. This girl is Trouble with a capital T. Cut ties with her, and the parents need to know why. It's too bad that she keeps being invited to sleepovers and such when she's such a party pooper. Hopefully her reputation will begin to proceed her and she'll be left out so the rest of the girls don't have to worry about her anymore. And neither do you or any of the other parents!

    Good luck, and tell Kayla that she has done all that she can do! Hugs to you all!


  3. Whenever I hear about kids like this, I always wonder about the parents. Behaviors like that don't come from nowhere.

  4. Start counting down the days till the end of the school year. Keep your distance from this chick. I feel for you and Makayla.


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