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Farm life
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Friday, November 20, 2009

My daughter is plotting against me...

My beautiful, wonderful, smart, funny, too cute for words daughter is plotting against me. I swear. Little Magdelicious has had a cold for the last week. She had a lot of green snot but no fever and acted pretty normal. Just a tad crabby. I figured it was just a cold like I had at the same time. I got over mine pretty fast and assumed she would too. Well, the sitter told me she wasn't acting like herself so I figured I would call the doctor today and try to get her in. You know before the weekend and being my only day off. So, the princess gets up this morning and doesn't have boogers all over her face and her snot is clear through out the day. I decide to not call the doctor. I am proud as I am being the good mom and not the crazy mom that calls the doctor for every sniffle.
She takes a later nap this afternoon then she usually does. So when she wakes up at 5:30 I am super pissed that she has a fever. 102.8. Are you kidding me. Seriously! She waits until after the doctors office is closed and then she gets a damn fever. So now I have to take her to prompt care tomorrow and sit in a germ infested waiting room for hours and get us infected with everything everyone else has. Kids, you gotta love them. Go figure, I was home for a year with 2 kids and not once did they get sick. Now, I am working and it is like they are making up for lost time! Seriously...


  1. i hope you guys had an easy evening --

    and maybe by tomorrow the fever will break, and you won't need to go to the doctors!

  2. awww man! It's the way it goes sometimes ehhh? Hope she is better soon! Hang in there!


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