Farm life

Farm life
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

New blog post, same bitchin'

I have been reminded that I need to be more up-to-date on my blogging. Let me explain why. It has continued to be C-R-A-Z-Y here. I haven't even had a chance to shave my...well some things shouldn't be discussed! It was going to be big toe if anyone was curious! ;) My choice of a lifetime mate has me wondering if I make good decisions. I love my husband dearly. If you know me, you know it takes a special kind of person to put up with me on a daily basis! However, I do not love his profession. Especially this time of the year. As I have mentioned before, he is a farmer. I HIGHLY discourage anyone from marrying a farmer that did not grow up in a farming family. It takes some getting used to. Oh boy, does it take some getting used to. It wasn't that difficult until we had our youngest. I then realized that my being a single parent for 4 years was obviously training for what is now my reality!

Enough about that. Onto other areas of craziness. Makayla is driving me crazy, which is nothing new. Her cheerleading schedule and the cost are about to drive me to an early grave. Her wonderful oboe is in the shop and she will officially have missed two oboe lessons tomorrow. That pisses me off but glad to not have the noise!! Maggie and I have come down with a cold. Nothing major, just your common cold. I cannot tell you how much better you feel when you have a cold as opposed to the piggy flu! I don't like a snotty nose on myself, but I will take it any day over the piggy flu! Maggie is now saying so many words! Here is a list of her favorites:
mommy, daddy, happy, ball, bug, peas(for is so cute, she gets whatever she asks for when she says"peas"), go-go-go, deac(for her friend Deacon at the sitter), up, out, pretty, all done, uh oh, ouchie, sock, shoe, coat, kids, and lots of things that I can't figure out! She can moo like a cow and roar like a lion. She impresses us everyday!! She refuses to say any form of Makayla and I think she knows exactly what she is doing!!

Oh and there is something I am going to wait a couple more weeks to involves my oldest daughter and you will get a kick out of it!!!

Sorry this isn't funny or witty, just giving the scoop on why I have been MIA. Miss you all and will be back to blogging soon! I promise! Seriously...


  1. Welcome back :) I've missed your blogs and am happy to have something to read! Hope I get a chance to hear Maggie say "peas" sometime soon.

  2. About getting used to farm life...each year I forget about what harvest is like, just like how a woman "forgets" about pregnancy and childbirth and has another baby! This is is ultimately the worst year ever. Can we drag it out a little longer? I want to get out Christmas decorations, but it doesn't seem quite right when harvest is still happening. What do you think of garland wrapped around the combine augar? We better not! I was beginning to wonder about you, so I was glad to read your posts.


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