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Monday, November 23, 2009

Just a few thoughts on my day...oh what a day!

First, is it just me or is talking about your recent boob job to a patients mom in the waiting room really professional?

Setting...Dentist office
Characters...Receptionist and Patients Mom

I was in the sterilization room and overheard the following conversation.

Recept: I was told the first two days post op would be ok and then it would get worse for a couple days and then get better. Today is the worst day so far but overall it isn't as painful as I thought.

My thoughts while I was hearing this was: "holy shit, please tell me she is not telling a patients mom about her boob job!"

Then pts Mom says: The first time I had them done it was a lot more painful then when I got them redone

Holy boobs batman, they are sharing boob job stories! Seriously, I can't make this shit up!

BTW, she had the surgery done on Wed. of last week and her boobs are still touching her chin, I hope they go down and are not a result of the "deal" she got!

Move on to me picking up Maggie from the sitters. When I get there, the sitter tells me that she !really! thinks I need to take Maggie to the doctor. Oh, great, not this again. I did not take her this weekend, even after her fever on Friday night because it never came back. And her snot is clear, she just has a ton of it. Well, she "highly recommended" I take her. In saying that maybe I should not bring her back until she sees the dr. So because I have no husband at the time being I made the executive decision to take her to prompt care. I can't miss anymore work for sick kids. I dont' want to be fired just yet! So I take the disgusting yet conveniently open for working parents who don't want to miss work...Prompt Care. Let me tell you how that went!

Setting: Waiting room
Characters: Me, Maggie(in a stroller so she cant run around touching all the dirtiness that is on everything), a 2 year old boy, a clueless mom and a very disengaged dad.

2 year old is running wild, touching every magazine, well throwing the magazines all over the waiting area. Oh wait he just moved on to pulling every kleenex out of the box. Oh no she didnt, she just put them back in the box. Ewwww. Note to self. Don't read the magazines and don't use the kleenex!
2 year old sees Maggie and comes barreling over to her(still in her stroller) and reminds me of a St. Bernard. He has slobber running out of his mouth. His hands just came out of his mouth and they are dripping as well. My thoughts are "please don't make me stiff arm you, please don't make me trip you, please don't come near my precious well behaved baby girl". Holy sickness batman, he just touched the stroller. I say to him, "oh no, please don't touch the stroller, my little girl is sick and you don't want to get even sicker". The mom tells me "oh he isn't sick, we think he has pink eye". Are you f*cking kidding me. So pink eye is ok to spread all over the waiting room. What are you thinking, it makes it better because it isn't the flu?! I get out my wipes and wipe down her stroller. I do not care who I offend at this point. We are not letting some ignorant lazy mom allow her demon child to give my little girl pink eye. I ignore her attempts to make conversation. I am actually texting my husband telling him what is going on. He tells me to kick the kid. I am so tempted.

Final story. The Dr who looks about 20, and has the confidence of a worm, asks my 15 month old to open wide for her as she attempts to put a tongue depressor in her mouth. Maggie sucks on it like it is a Popsicle and wont' open. Yet, she still manages a smirk as the Dr says again, "can you open really big". I think I know exactly what Maggie is thinking and I too am smirking! Finally, she tells me that she thinks she has a ear infection. She says thinks because it could be healing on its own or just getting started. She tells me several times that she is going to give me a script for Amox and not to have it filled until she continues to have a fever and/or gets worse. Well let me tell you, Meijer had her Amox ready in less then 10 minutes as she was screaming and we stood right in front of the counter the whole time. And she thought I was serious when I agreed to wait to have it filled! Seriously...


  1. Boob jobs story swap - really? WOW

    I would have kicked the kid too (and probably the mom too)

  2. Wow, the level of cluelessness is astounding! I hope pinkeye boy's mom gets a raging case of it herself so make up for the hundreds of people who will touch those magazines and kleenexes and then go - WTF? Where did I get pinkeye?

    Boob job story? - Made me laugh HUGE! This sounds like a really interesting place to work!

  3. You never cease to entertain me, thanks! Does EJ hsve garland on his combine or just tons of mud like mine? Will this year of farming ever end?


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