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Monday, April 27, 2009

A letter to the mean girls...

Here is another letter. Not to my toe this time, to my daughters classmates that I have named "the mean girls". Not always mean, but always looking for a situation to be mean. Here goes it.

Dear Mean Girls,
While I understand that your school has a "wide variety" of students, being so small means that there is only one class per grade, same kids every year. I always dreaded summer because you weren't guaranteed who would be in your class the following year. You girls are lucky and unlucky all at the same time. Not having the class change makes for a big bowl of nastiness. You all have been together for the last 5 years. That is plenty of time to know how to piss each other off. You girls do that TOO often!! Tonight my daughter, your so called friend, came home and told me she had a story to tell me. I dread her stories. I dread them because it always involves one of you being a little witch and shows me how mean spirited you girls can be.

Makayla: R and A told me today that I am adopted.
Me: WHAT!!!
Makayla: They told me that B's mom told them I was adopted because I don't look like you or dad.
Me: Um, hello, you look just like me but with lighter hair. I have never even had a conversation with B's mom.
Makayla: They also said that dad is my step dad, not my real dad.
Me: Your dad is in all ways possible your "real" dad. You know that Dan is your dad too, but Dad is your "real" dad. You can tell them tomorrow that you are sorry that there lives are so boring that all they can think about is you and your dad. Thank them for being so interested in you and if they would like to know more, wait for the book. It is none of their business what happens in our home and our lives.

So, mean girls, please mind your own business. I know that being 9/10 years old is a curious time. I get that. However, you seem to dwell on who you can pick on next, who isn't up to "your standards". Why not give being nice to everyone a shot. Heck, you can start small and just keep your damn mouths shut if you don't have anything nice to say. I have had to have so many conversations with my daughter to make things better from something you girls said that she couldn't understand a friend would say. I really do feel sorry for you all. Your homes cannot be very stable with the way your behavior and actions are at school. I can over look some casual cattiness. I am not oblivious to "normal" kids behavior. I am sure that my own daughter has been mean on occasions too. I always tell her to be nice to everyone so no one has a reason to be mean to her. I am pleading with you mean girls....BE NICE!!!! Seriously...

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