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Farm life
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh Makayla

Today Makayla was being super annoying with her April Fools Day jokes. This afternoon went something like this with her 9 year old humor. This went on and on and on. She kept saying something to me and then with EJ in the same room going to him and repeating it. Thank goodness it only happens once a year!

Makayla~"Mom, you have something on your head"
Makayla~"April Fools"

Makayla~"Ugh, Maggie stinks, I think she pooped"
Me~"go change her"
Makayla~"April Fools" (she did this about 10 times)

Makayla~"Dad, you have something on your head"
EJ~"Makayla, you just said the same thing to your mom"
Makayla~"April Fools"
EJ~"Go to bed"
EJ~"I am so glad I don't have to hear that for 365 more days"

Me~"This is NOT an April Fools Day joke, you are going to have another brother or sister!!"
Makayla~"OH NO, No way, you better not!"
Makayla~(to Maggie)"Do not let them have another one" (Like Maggie has anything to do with it)

I left it at that, let her stew in it for awhile!!

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