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Farm life
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have been in a funk lately. Really. I don't like to get out of my pj's. That isn't really new though. I have been sneaking in a Dr. Pepper here and there...never more then one in a day. I usually don't finish a can either. That is called rationalizing something you are doing that makes you feel guilty. Clearly. Magdelicious is seriously going to be the end of me. She is SOOO strong willed, determined, bull headed, stubborn, sassy, too smart for her own good, and oh so cute while being all the above. She already ignores us, especially Kaylor. Oh man does that irritate Kaylor. She won't lay still for a diaper change, Maggers, not Kaylor!! As soon as you put her down, she is off and crawling to the stairs, looking back at you to see if you are coming to get her. She is a trying little girl and when she isn't trying to piss us off she is so much fun. Watching her sleep is my favorite thing to do. She is so peaceful and I imagine all the ways that she isn't. Calm, content, quiet, timid, snuggler. At least not during her awake hours. Then there is Kaylor. She is sooo NOSY!! I can be talking to someone on the phone while she is upstairs in her room. She comes down and asks who it is, what did they say, why did I say that, all while I am on the phone still!!!! Come on. I know, she must get that from her dad!! :) She is just your typical almost 10 year old. She is trying to be older than she is yet at times wanting so badly to be younger. I remember being 10, I didn't like it one bit. I feel her pain. Really. Doesn't mean I am going to cut her any slack. So that is why I am in a funk, I think. Oh yeah and my husband is busy working again, farming is a hard lifestyle adjustment. Just when you get used to them being around, poof, they are gone again. I suppose one of these times I may enjoy it. Probably after the kids are in college but I guess that gives me something to look forward to. Well, I will stop rambling and go lay in bed for a few hours stewing on why I can't fall asleep. Seriously....

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  1. Don't wish the time away because before you know it they will be in college and then you may be available to help EJ farm. I'm still trying to hide from that, that is helping on the farm! SE


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