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Farm life
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Mother Of The Year...I Am Not!!

Oh my goodness, I feel like we are the worst parents ever. Magdelicious has not slept well in a few nights. Getting up crying and wanting Dad to hold her to get her back to sleep. Last night she ended up in our bed because, well, clearly I was just too damn tired to keep getting up and holding her until she went back to sleep(thanks dear husband for training her on that!). Tonight, tonight was going to be our night! We, the parents, were taking back our sleep. Well it took us one hour of going in every 10 minutes to lay her back down and give her the paci. She sits up and then can't/won't lay back down. Finally, she was quiet. EJ went in to make sure she was ok. Well, sniffle~sniffle, she was asleep sitting up leaning her head against the crib. Heart literally breaking, it gets worse. She is ever so quietly sobbing still, asleep. I wanted to scoop her up and bring her to bed with us. I literally had chest pains as I felt my heart breaking for imagining how sad she must have felt and looked! I hope she forgives us and doesn't ignore me all day tomorrow. She is a smart cookie and has already figured us out or so she thought. I hope this episode doesn't "do her in" and scar her for life. It sure has scarred me! Please my precious darling, smile at me when you see me tomorrow. We do this only because we love you!!! Seriously...

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