Farm life

Farm life
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Friday, April 3, 2009

My Life. In Pictures.

Happy Friday!!!!

Today is the last day for the My Life. In Pictures. So sad to be done.

Today we are to post something old. So here is my Old:

This is an "old" grain bin. I love how you can see all the rusty old screws. It is amazing that this bin holds so much weight and all that is to show for it is rusty screws. You can't beat the clouds going over either. I love trying to see things like no one else. This angle is not something my husband, being a farmer, sees as he is climbing that ladder!! Until the next challenge....enjoy!


  1. I love your pictures and am so sad the week is over. You are very talented in so many ways. Whenever I need a pick me up I come to your site and you always make me laugh. Thank you for that. Please keep this site going! Love you!

  2. This is a great picture. Way to think outside the box.

    I had a great time last week, thank you so much for playing.

    I hope to see you again in June!


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