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Farm life
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Buffet Britches...

We spent a long weekend in Nashville sans kids and have I got some stories to tell!!! While we were enjoying alcohol adult time, I observed some very interesting things. I will share them randomly as I remember them. ;) I really enjoyed some quality time with my hubby and adults friends!!

The best phrase I heard while in Lynchburg touring the Jack Daniels Distillery was by a gentleman who works with my hubby's Aunt(they work for Brown-Forman who owns JD). We went to Mrs. Mary Bobo's for lunch and it was served family style. YUM-O! He told us to make sure we had on some "buffet britches" for this meal we were about to eat. He had a perfect southern drawl and was the cutest! It made me laugh out loud!! I talk about "buffet britches" all the time now, against my husbands wishes! Thanks Frank! Seriously...

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