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Farm life
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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Us Weekly
Better Homes and Gardens
Family Circle
Real Simple
Ladies Home Journal

This is my current magazine subscriptions list!! I think I may have over done it a bit!! I have no idea what Ladies Home Journal is about, I got three years for $16, so I hope it has a little something I will like. Cookie is a magazine for moms, some cute things in there. Real Simple is the most expensive but I LOVE IT!!! Family Circle is okay, I have used a recipe or two out of it, and a craft. BHG, what was I thinking. I will probably never make anything from this one. It is all fancy and too much. The fashion mags make me feel like someday I will get it together and care about what I wear and how I look. The parenting mags and pretty informative. My favorite is Us Weekly. I love seeing stars in everday pics. And of course catching up on all the juicy gossip. Unfortunately, half of these magazines are still in there plastic wrap from the mail. Maybe when I go back to work I will take them to work with me and read them at lunch!! I am sure I am missing out on something I can't live without! Seriously...

P.S. Anyone recommend any others??? I am always looking for something new!!! Ok, I am headed to magazine addicts anonymous right now!

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