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Farm life
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wait, what just happened...

I wanted to take Makayla to a movie tonight. It is a movie she has been wanting to see. It is at the dollar theatre which is my old workplace. And the best popcorn in town!! So it is a win-win situation. Magdelicious is uber cranky today and it was a chance for me to get out of the house and do something non-baby related. Well, I am home blogging about and not going to the movie as my husband and daughter are on their way to see a full price movie!! How did this all happen in one hour. When my DH got home, I told him my plan. He asked if we are all going. I said a big helluva NO. He then asked me to see what time a movie he has been wanting to see was playing. I told him it wasn't at the dollar theatre. Well, he left it up to Makayla. Um...hello!, clearly she wants to see YOUR movie, it is a new release. So, I am stuck at home. with cranky. with a big ole hankerin for a specific movie theatre popcorn. that my husband said he won't go across town to get. I know, sucks huh. Oh and cranky is just getting crackers for dinner tonight along with her bottle, I am pouting(don't judge me)! Well don't worry, I got my ways to get back at popcorn for me, no "dessert" in bed for him. I love being a girl!!! Seriously...

P.S. Happy Birthday Dad!! Hope you like your balloons and notes. And your strawberry milkshake and your Butterfingers candy bar(sorry I couldn't do the cigarette)! We all miss you like crazy! See you in our dreams!

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  1. I love movie theater popcorn! I have even contemplated going to the theater just to get popcorn and leave. My husband won't let me and thinks it would be way too embarrassing for him.


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