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Farm life
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Sunday, July 12, 2009


To you lady at Schnucks today, I did not run over your child with my shopping cart. You can glare at me all you want. Your little precious princess was walking forward into the store while looking back. I thought for sure that she would turn around before she got too close. I couldn't move my cart out of her way, being that you guys came in the wrong door. I am not judging! Nor am I saying it is her fault. Ok, maybe a little. She was old enough to know to walk forward while looking forward. It was a tight space. I froze, I couldn't say anything fast enough. And then BAM, she literally walks right into my cart and falls to the floor. My instinct is too say "oh no, are you okay, I'm sorry". I guess that was my mistake. I admitted guilt without being guilty. I guess that gave the mom reason to think I ran her princess down. Oh and I truly am sorry that Maggie laughed at you! Seriously...

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