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Farm life
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Monday, July 27, 2009


Ok, so I am not usually one to bitch all the time don't ask my husband but that is exactly what I have for you today. My wonderful husband and I decided that our current life insurance amount wasn't sufficient. We met with our ins. agent's secretary for the brutal questioning about your every move over the last 10+ years. Well, my first "I can't believe you are asking me this" question was what is your weight. Um, hello, my husband is sitting right next to me as is my nosey daughter who is CONSTANTLY asking me how much I weigh. Clearly you must not be married, secretary lady. I will not tell you how much I weigh. What, you say you have to put something down. Put down "go to hell". Next, I know you don't know me or my family history. You ask me how my father died, being the question is did both of our parents live past 60. Well, no my father did not, my mother only hit 50 this year so I am hoping for the best! My daughter, in the room with us, does not know how her Grandpa died and now IS NOT the time I am going to get into that. So I ask said daughter to leave. Do you know how many times she has asked me since then why she had to leave...remember she is SUPER nosey. I have threatened to ground her. So I tell secretary lady why, she apologizes. THEN it gets better...she asks if our parents have a history of mental illness, cancer, blah, blah, blah. She looks at me and says "that is a yes for you". I about hit her in her face!!! Don't assume. He was never diagnosed, he was never treated, that is not how I want people to think of my Dad!!! He did have cancer so why not let me answer yes with that fact instead. I am not ashamed of my Dad in any way, shape or form. Just don't judge him or me. Damn people. So that is why I say "today can kiss my ass!!". Seriously...

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