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Farm life
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Monday, July 6, 2009

I fought the lawn and the lawn won!!!

I enjoy mowing! Well, I use to at least. We are on 3 acres and it is a new riding mower and it is a little tricky. It is one that has two handles and can be confusing to use. Clearly! I think they are called zero-turn mowers. Any ways, we have 90 blue spruce baby trees about 2 feet tall and we have little flags marking our underground dog fence. That makes for a very cranky mower, meaning me. I think we are down about 4 trees and maybe have 20 out of 50 flags still standing. Oppssie. Add to that our "hill" out front was perfectly graded and then we got a hell of a torrential down pour and have huge ruts through out the yard. That makes for a bouncy ride. I hit a couple of them hard and bounced me off that seat and the mower shut off. Safety mechanism. I thought I broke it. So yes, the lawn kicked my ass BUT it looks awesome if I do say so myself. As my dad always said, looks like a golf course(probably not one you would want to golf on though!! :)). But like most husbands, so unappreciative, he didn't give me any props for how awesome it looks. Instead he asks what happened to all the dog fence flags. Really! I told him to be glad I like mowing, most girls don't!!! What he doesn't know is that I hit a couple of big rocks and am pretty sure the blades will need sharpening. That is what you get for not telling me what an awesome job I did!!! Seriously...

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