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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dog anyone...

Please will someone take our beloved Murphy Lee. I am not saying that I don't want him, I would like him to be dognapped so I don't have to get rid of Makayla's dog. We got rid of the her guinea pigs, I would not be able to sleep if I took another animal away from her. So I am asking you all to please come dognap Murphy and give him a good home. Here are the current reasons why:

1. I cannot take the dog hair any longer. I am vacuuming every day and it is just not helping. His hair sticks to all Maggies toys, which go straight in her mouth. I kid you not, she has hair in her diaper!! I can't imagine the hair ball she must have in her tiny(hehe) tummy!!

2. Murphy DOES NOT like Maggie, not one bit. She wants so badly to crawl on him, pet him, talk to him. He wants nothing to do with her and leaves the room after "talking" to her to tell her to leave him the hell alone. I swear that is what he would say. He is getting a little growlier with his "talking" to her. We no longer leave them in the same room together without one of us being on the floor with her.

3. He is eating the neighbors chicken's and turkey's. Our wonderful neighbor informed us tonight that our Murphy Lee has "allegedly" eaten 3 chickens and at least 1 turkey. EJ and I disagree with that. I let Murphy out during the day and watch him, which he does not like one bit either. I don't want him to bother the neighbor. EJ does let him go over to see our neighbors dog but hasn't been home lately to do so. So I disagree with our friendly neighbor and think Murphy is wrongfully accused. We offered to pay for new chicken's and turkey's. Neighbor offered to train Murphy. I say take him!!!!

4. He doesn't like his new house. I think he doesn't like it because Maggie came with.

So if anyone would like a lovable(if you are not Maggie), lazy until people come over, black lab...he is outside roughly around 9am every morning!!!! I will pretend to not see you but I will make sure you get all of his goodies he comes with in your car before you leave! Seriously...

This is an old picture but you can clearly see how he feels.


  1. Too bad Linda and Dr. A each just got another dog. One of them would have taken him!!!! The picture is great! You better be at the pool party Tues the 2nd. SE

  2. Awww, poor Murphy Lee! If cousin Amy lived closer, Max said he'd like a brother...


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