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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Like mother, like daughter...not!!!

My brilliant just turned 10 year old yesterday proved to me today that getting a year older does not make your common sense older. We had a cheerleading banquet today to celebrate and acknowledge the teams fantastic year. When we pull into the parking lot for the banquet and I am out getting the stroller ready Makayla announces that she can't find her flip flop. I should let you know that my car is a MESS. I could kinda understand how one could lose a flip flop in the car when it looks like it does. The backseat at least, as I don't sit back there so I don't keep track of what it looks like! Anywho, this is how our conversation goes.
Me: Really, you can't find your flip flop, um did you have both on when we left the house?
Makayla: Yes (I search the entire car, even under my seat thinking maybe it slid up over the center and under my seat! I searched the entire car! It is not in there)
Me: Really, you had both on when you got in the car.
Makayla: Yes, maybe it fell out
Me: Really, when do you propose this flip flop made a run for it. Do you think it opened the car door while I was driving and jumped.(yes, sarcasm keeps me from losing it!)
Makayla: Don't be mad at me
Me: Seriously, did both of your feet have a shoe attached to them when you entered and shut the car door? I think you would know if one foot was wearing something and one was missing something. Please tell me that you were not wearing any shoes when you got in the car. Please just tell me that.
Makayla: Will you go home and get me another pair of shoes.
Me: Absolutely not!!! That is a half hour drive one way, if I go home, we stay home. So, one last time, did you have both on when you got in the car.
Makayla: I don't know.
Me: Who doesn't know if they are wearing two shoes or one!! Seriously Makayla!!
Long story short, she cried, I forced her to go in with one shoe, she had to go up and accept an award, she wore my flip flops, she made lots of noise being they were too big, she had more attention drawn to her for wearing big shoes then none at all, she survived, I can't stop asking her who doesn't know when they are missing a shoe. The shoe was sitting on the garage floor right next to her door. It is going to be a long 10th year!!! Seriously...


  1. And she is going to be so upset at you for posting this for as she put it "the whole world to read"! Just keep telling her she makes you laugh and that's why you think you'll keep her for another year - that's what I keep telling you and your sister and brothers!

  2. Amy

    I think that "Tales of a Renegade Flip Flop" would be a fabulous name for an offshoot blog that specifically addresses the fascinating world of tween girls! Oh my, how upset would Makayla be if her Mom not only had a blog that the whole world can read that occasionally mentions her but started a blog specifically about her? You could totally contribute to her growing reserves of adolescent angst!

    I think you're a fabulous mother! I wish I could drop over for a cup of coffee or bottle of water (with lots of lemon) and extremely yummy Luna Bar! I think we'd have tears running down our faces from laughing so hard! Makayla might be able to see that her Mom IS batshit crazy, but that it's a genetic thing!




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