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Farm life
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mommies out there. This was the best mothers day yet. This is how it went down

Heard Magdelicious talking a little before 8 this a.m. I got up and did my need to function things and the little turkey bird fell back asleep. It would have been wonderful if I would have gone back to sleep. She got up at 9, woke Missy Sue up(she wasn't happy), got them fed and then I went to a place I rarely venture into. The Kitchen! This is what I made today, all by myself.
Apple pizza, cheese dip, deviled eggs, vegetable salad(which I forgot about and didn't eat), chex mix, and I cut up raw veggies!!! Yeah me! So that took all of my morning and early afternoon. All the while Maggie wanted to be held, be with me and everything else that made it impossible for me to get everything ready. Makayla did EXCELLENT helping me. Then my mom and step dad came over and we all hung out until EJ got home. I am still, even after 6 years, not used to this farming schedule. We had BLT's and good company. The best thing is that after the shower this morning I got back in my pj's and didn't get out of them all day. Oh and Maggie took her "first steps" today with both Grandma's here to see it!!! I wanted to cry, I don't want her to grow up so fast!!! So here is to the best mother's day ever!!!! Happy mother's day to all the most wonderful mother's I know!! Seriously...


  1. This post made my body react in a wayit rarely does anymore; when I read "BLT" I actually began to salivate thinking about walking down rows in Grandpa's garden with a salt shaker eating big ripe red tomatoes off of the vine!

    I'm happy thatyou had such a glorious day!


  2. Are you kidding me?? You would walk in Grandpa's garden with all the snakes? NO WAY!! I remember Grandam saying she bent to pick a zuccini (sp) and it moved and that was it for me! But I did love the tomatoes on the windowills!

  3. Actually, this was the best Mothers Day I have had in a long time! It was so very relaxed and spent with family and loved ones! The good was great but the company was the BEST! My daughter has become the best Mom and for that I am very proud. She has 2 very beautiful girls, a wonderful husband, a beautiful home, great family all around, she has it all and I'm very proud to call her my daughter. I love you.

  4. Sorry, I never was good at typing - the Food was great!


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