Farm life

Farm life
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sorry for the picture overload!!

I figured this was the easiest way to post a large quantity of pictures for everyone to see. My email is horrible for sending pictures. These were taken over the last couple of days. She has quite the personality!!! I just love her to pieces!!! Makayla too, you will get tons of pictures of her this summer when she is home all day with us.

This is her excited to get a popsicle face!!

Oh Maggie, you are so happy when you are eating!

Soooo big!

Did you just say that there was no more food!?

giving me air kisses!!!

banana's make a good styling product for your hair!!

Too damn cute....Seriously...

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  1. Maggie is precious! I say life is too short so take as many pictures as you want! They are only babies for 1 year!


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