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Farm life
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Friday, May 8, 2009

To all you nose pickers

This is to you guy driving a mini van picking your nose at the stop light yesterday....One of my pet peeves is people thinking their vehicle windows are magic. In that they can see out but assume no one can see in. WE SEE YOU! Stop picking your nose thinking we cannot. You especially, guy in your twenties driving a mini van digging for gold. Not only did you have your windows down, picking your nose like there was no tomorrow, but you then went and made me throw up a little in my mouth....YOU ATE IT. Really, are you 3 again and think it is ok. Who does that. You didn't just eat it, you dug under your nails to get every disgusting morsel you could. Oh god, I just threw up a little again. You disgust me. If I wasn't trying to hold my breakfast down, I would have screamed I SEE YOU you disgusting pig. Don't get me wrong, everyone has that occasional little booger that won't come out. I have gone in after it, but with a tissue there to get rid of it. I almost wished I would have had a camera to video you and put it on YouTube just in the hopes that you would see it and be so embarrassed that you would call me and personally apologize and promise to never, ever again pick in public. Seriously...

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  1. Dang, does your phone have the video feature, not that I have ever used mine! I wish you would have honked at him. Should have taken down his license plate number! SE


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