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Farm life
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day

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  1. What a way to start my day!!! That was awesome (even if it made me cry just a little!) I have the best granddaughters in the whole world and the most amazing daughter to boot! Makayla looks so grown up going to fifth grade & she is such a good big sister. She is such a sweetie and I have so much fun with her. And Maggie, wow, all her different looks! She sure reminds me of her Aunt Tanya! She looked so big her first day at the sitter!! She is so much fun to watch and she is always busy and keeps everyone on their toes!!! I love you girls so much and thank God every day for you. You make life fun! You too Mom, you are awesome as a daughter and a Mom - keep doing what you're doing - it's working!
    Grandma Bittle

  2. How do you do it - it's not Aunt's day and I still cried. I miss you all so much - and I have to admit - it's much easier to keep busy here and not get so involved in what's going on at home - when I see my girls in action, I am ready to pack up and head home. And I just can't yet... Kaylor is beautiful and she's not a little girl anymore. 5th grade - where is the time going. And Magdelicious, I am very sorry, so very sorry, but I do see a whole lotta my expressions on that adorable little pumkin's face. Let's just hope she doesn't act like me:) Thanks for putting that together. I know you have been busy - but I haven't gotten any pics lately and that was just what I needed to start this Monday morning. Luv ya! You are a terrific mom - and you have a terrific husband, and two beautiful and amazing daughters.


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