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Monday, September 7, 2009

Not usually a bandwagon jumper but...

I have to put my 10 cents in(cuz I like to have high self esteem) on this President Obama school children speech hoopla. I propose a multiple choice question to those who would like to not have their children hear the leader of this wonderful country of ours(I served in the Air Force so I know just how wonderful it is!). Also, we voted him in, so suck it up...opsies, I promised myself not to jump to that line yet.

Would you rather have your children...

A. Listen to the leader of our country tell our children how important it is to stay in school, get good grades and strive to be the best they can be. Let President Obama be an example that anything is possible. Oh, and apparently, he is African American.

B. Let your children idolize a sports athlete who didn't finish college(hopefully high school was finished), beats up women/dogs/men/etc, does recreational activities which may or may not be get the point. Advertise for said athlete by purchasing and wearing their names on shirts, jackets, hats, posters, books, food, etc. Oh, and apparently quite a few of these athletes are African American. Most do not address children and encourage them to stay in school. Most just want and will make commercials asking they get their product to make them "better"(not to be confused with smarter) then others.

C. Watch any T.V. programming that is not on Disney or Nickelodeon and play any video game that consists of "finding and defeating(killing)" the enemy(typically of the human nature). Violence and sex, even in family sitcoms, have taken over prime time television, video games and the movies.

D. Both B and C

It seems like a lot of people are choosing only D. I don't understand the difference between idolizing an athlete and respecting the President. I am not trying to get all political. Lord knows that I get the majority of my political information from the girls on the "View" and I can't say that is a good thing. Just thought that all this hoopla over a speech given to our school children from the President is ridiculous and unnecessary. Seriously...

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