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Farm life
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Friday, September 11, 2009

On a lighter note...

Today has been a reminder to me of how good I have it. I remember where I was and what I was doing 8 years ago. I do not understand why they have to replay all of the footage from that day over and over again though. I do not need to see a person jumping to their death, again, to be reminded of what our nation has gone through. I say we need to respect the families and have memorials but we do not need to see the footage from that day any longer. Enough said. On a lighter note here are some randomness' from this week. You are welcome!

*Maggie went to an in home sitter for the first time. The report from day one went a little like this.
Sitter- "Maggie is not used to having someone in her room while sleeping, all through both naps she kept the others awake by talking to them." (I say you go girl and tell them what you have to say!)
Sitter-"Maggie ate VERY well today. She even helped herself to the food on the other kids trays. I finally had to move her away from them so they could finish eating." (I say, oh no, she is going to be THAT girl. I have visions of her standing over smaller girls in school taking there ding dongs, waving a fist at them!)
When I pick her up she is on a tractor in the back yard and a 3 year old boy is trying to help her with the tractor and she is grunting and pushing him away. (I say, you go girl and show that boy who is the boss! And yes, she is going to be THAT girl!)

*Makayla is in her first week of oboe lessons. Please send any donation you see fit to either soundproof her room or to order cases of wine so I can at least be loopy while listening to that!

*My boss is trying to make my recent workplace return as opposite of what we agreed upon and as miserable as possible so I quit. Um, yeah the joke is on you because I can last so much longer then you think, Try me, just try me.

*Big Brother has got me in quite the tizzy. I said at least 5 times during the hour long show that I am done. Well I was just kidding. Come on Jordan!!

*Have I died and gone to heaven...another season of So You Think You Can Dance is on AGAIN! What a good girl I must have been this year as I got an early Christmas present this year. I do believe, I do believe!

I hope you all managed to get through the day and reflect on how much our Service men and women have done for us. Having served our Country, I am proud for the time I did and would go back in a second to help defend our freedoms and rights that so many take for granted. Hoorah Air Force. Seriously...

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