Farm life

Farm life
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yeah and thank you!!

I have received my first blog award!! Yeah for me!

Thank you Un-Bride!! You have to check out her amazing blog here. She cracks me up! Since things have been crazy busy here, I am going to pass this awesome award on tomorrow. Maggie is going to the sitters for awhile tomorrow so I will have some time to myself. Yes, I will get more stuff done then blogging. Just wanted to say thank you to Un-Bride!! Thanks for reading!! Seriously...

P.S. Can some one more experienced tell me how to add this to my sidebar! Thanks in advance!


  1. congrats on your blog award you sooooo deserve it! I think you just go into layout on your dashboard choose add a gadget and then choose the HTML/Javascript and copy and past the code for it in there. Hope that works :)

  2. Congrats Marqui! I love your blog and the honesty about day to day life. I must say I was LMAO reading your post about your walk with Maggie. Keep it up because your blog brightens my day. :)


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