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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Amazing Race

This is an official announcement that me and EJ are going to send in an audition tape for the Amazing Race. We have been watching this reality show for a few season's now and we always go through each episode saying which role each of us would play in the challenges. I think we would do well, EJ would stay calm the whole time and keep me under control. I would be the raving bitch who has no patience, cusses all the time, throws tantrums and get us kicked out of all the countries we would enter!! OK, I wouldn't be that bad but I wouldn't be cool, calm and collected through the experience. I have many emotions and would be eager to show the world all of them. I definitely think we would be entertaining. Watching the seasons that we have I don't know how we would fit into the seemingly same roles they always have. The couple who doesn't make it 2 weeks after the show....clearly not us. The couple who yells at each other all the time but you can tell love each other and don't make it very far...clearly not us, EJ doesn't yell! The couple so in love that they make all of us watching want to throw up in our mouths...well, not us. I would like to be the couple who won a couple seasons ago. They were really amazing to watch and I cannot think of there names, they were African American and they were going to spend the money on infertility treatments. They were a perfect example of playing the game right. I call it Karma!! What goes around comes around. To be ready for the season that we will be picked for, I am confident, we will both need to lose some weight, um maybe a little more then that, and get in better shape. I would be willing to do anything to get picked. Well I will keep dad always said..."want in one hand and shit in the other and see which one gets filled first"!!! I did manage to go see Oprah twice(one being getting Makayla ON the show and meeting Oprah and Miley Cyrus thank you!) so persistence is something I have in me. Until then, send reality T.V. show thoughts our way!!! Oh and I haven't told EJ yet that we are doing this so if you could not mention it to him until we are having the going away party that would be great. Seriously...

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  1. I, too, am a huge Amazing Race fan [actually I'm an obsessive reality TV nut; everything from the more legit Amazing Race to (god help me) Brett Michaels rolling slut hut...Prior to this season, I had seen every Survivor episode since it originally aired in 2000 - and Richard Hatch is my all-time favorite "Survivor").

    Just the other day (well, like a month ago, but as I am now a “lady of leisure” actual days of the week, months in the year, and revolutions of clock hands are of little consequence to me ~HA~) I was talking to my BFF (James aka Sneaky Snake aka Babola) from high school and we promised each other than when my weight stabilizes and issues with chronic pain are better managed, we would become contestants on Mr. Keoghan's Amazing Race. I think at this point we're probably looking at season 17 at the earliest, which is fine with me; I'd love to be able to celebrate my 40th birthday as part of "Team Babola" on the adventure of a lifetime! We joked that even if I am at my goal weight, due to my other medical issues, we’d have to refashion one of the backpacks into a tarp with handles for him to loop around his waist so that I could sit as he pulled me around the world…oh, and he’d have to do any challenge that involved the consumption of food and/or beverages since my 3 oz stomach wouldn’t be able to perform at that level! Hey, it would be fun for me, at least ~HA~!

    Good luck!




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