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Farm life
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Maggie Milestone Update

Well I guess since I am currently keeping track of Magdelicious' milestones, she is doing as many things as she can so she will have some record of them as she gets older. I have great intentions of being a perfect mom but I do slip up at times. Like keeping a baby book of milestones. Thank god I had my Baby Jellybeans website so most of my pregnancy is recorded on a CD (which I happen to have misplaced in the move but confident that it is exactly where I left it!!). Anywhos, Maggie started the day off early, she got me up at 6:30, which for her is an hour and a half too early. I guess she was just too excited to sleep any more. EJ showed me first thing that she can stand by herself for a good minute to two minutes and has a great sense of balance. She was a little wobbly but corrected it all while standing by herself. I told EJ to knock it off!! Then she started clapping for herself. It is sooo cute to see her chubby little hands clapping, especially for herself. I think we are creating a monster and a vain one at that. Then the little stinker started CRAWLING!!!! I can't believe all this was accomplished before her first nap!! OK, that doesn't say much being that she doesn't nap!! It is bittersweet that she is growing so fast. I am so thankful that I can be home with her everyday and witness all these milestones and see the differences in her. It honestly breaks my heart that EJ will be gone here shortly into the fields during her awake hours. With a busy weekend and an end to Spring Break tomorrow will be hopefully a quiet day. I hope that I won't be posting that Maggie got up early and made everyone breakfast! Seriously...

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