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Farm life
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Letting you know...

Just letting you all know that I tested a theory this week. I put all of the dirty clothes in our house into the laundry room on Monday and shut the door. I did not come back to the dingy duds until this morning. I am sorry to say that they did not wash and dry themselves. Damn. I even left the doors open on the machines to entice them. Clearly all the perverts did was reproduce. The piles of clothes grew to twice the size I left them. I was hoping that I would have a break through for all you laundry doers out there. I will let you know how the toilets cleaning themselves go next week. Then we will move onto hairballs so big they could vacuum the floor themselves in the master bathroom!!! Seriously....

P.S. Speaking of laundry...I got this amazing vintage T-shirt from tide that has the saying "loads of hope" on the back. It was 20 dollars and if you order two or more the shipping is free. All proceeds go to helping families affected by disaster! What a great program! Check it out.

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    The little elves that live in our crawl space have been very lazy lately. These elves exist, the proof is that my dear husband, El Butthead, makes zero contribution and has any idea of how our lives magically flow along while I sit on my arse picking my nose all day long. They do laundry, dishes, clean bathrooms, walk the dog, feed and water the cats and dog, go grocery shopping and are always on-call to pack for trips overnight to visit Neenie (your Aunt Joleen) or less frequent vacations. I've yet to meet one in person, but I'm sre tat were I to simply pull the thumb out of my lazy arse, I'd catch them doing all manner of household chores!



    ps: I like that t-shirt and may see if they're still avsilable. I'm the girl who's excited to now be able to wear all manner of t-shirt, from vintage to obnoxious. I'm tempted every where I go. My favorite this week was purchased on clearance from Sears; it features a gaggle of retro Sesame Street characters with the words, "Just Hanging With My Homies" - how cool is that?


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