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Saturday, March 28, 2009

So proud

I am keeping this short only because I am exhausted and heading to bed. I just want to say how proud I am of Makayla and her fellow Cougar All Stars!!!! The team placed 1st today in Indianapolis and got a huge trophy and a banner that reads National Champions 2009!!!! Yeah team!! We have the best team anyone could ask for! The girls are really wonderful and the parents are too! I mean you have to be a cool mom and dad to drive at least 3 hours away for every competition on weekends after practicing 3 nights during the week, paying monthly gym tuition, paying entrance fees, camp fees, purchasing uniforms, warm ups, shoes, fake hair, make-up, t-shirts to match everyone, and volunteering for gymnastics and tumbling meets that you have no clue what you are doing!!! Clearly, I mean who wouldn't want that lifestyle. All kidding aside, it is a commitment and at times seems like a chore but it is all worth it for days like today. Here is how I sum it up...

Monthly tuition: $110

Uniform, warm ups, shoes, fake hair: $300+

Entrance fees: between $35 and $80

Booster Club dues: $200

Watching a shy little girl who couldn't do a cartwheel work harder then you ever knew possible and fall in love with an activity that takes away her Friday night sleepovers, makes her push herself harder then I do!, learn self discipline, teaches her accountability, who is so close to mastering her flip flop and front walk over, come together with her team to ROCK OUT an amazing performance and walk away with the First Place trophy and banner that reads National Champions: PRICELESS
(plus the girls got hoodies...something only first place teams get!)

As you can tell from the tear stains all over this post ;) I am brought to tears remembering where Makayla started almost 2 years ago and how far she has come. Clearly I really am tired, but really I am so proud of her and the whole squad!! Our coaches need some much deserved WOO WOO's too! Sorry this post isn't funny or witty, I will get back to that tomorrow! Seriously...

Clearly I wasn't as exhausted as I thought I was, so NOW I am going to bed. Seriously...

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  1. Awesome Blog and awesome post by an awesome parent!

    -Coach Shaun


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