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Farm life
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Look behind you!

As I was unloading Maggie in the parking lot at Kohl's on Wed. I noticed in the car next to me that there was a HUGE piece of paper that said "Look behind you" on it taped to the dash. Do you think this person needs a reminder to look behind you when backing up? Please tell me that I am not sharing the road with a person who needs reminders like that. Luckily there was no damage to the back of the car, yes I did look! I only wish I had my camera to take a picture!! Seriously...

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  1. ~HA~ Give yourself a few more years and you'll be posting notes to yourself all over the place to remind yourself to do the simplest of things or not to forget important information! The best part of my own approaching senility is that I scribble notes, lots of them on whatever scrap of paper is readily available, including tissue, and later find those “notes” that hold what at one point must have seemed exceedingly important; for example, I just ran across a note on the side table next to my recliner that read only "Hadaka Matsuri - NGEO"...WTF? I was so curious that I plugged that into Google and it was only then that remember I'd been watching a documentary on TV and wanted to learn more about it. BTW - Hadaka Matsuri is a "Naked Festival" in Japan. I'm weird, you knew that right?


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