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Farm life
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Monday, March 23, 2009


So this is actually what my other post was starting off to be before I got off on my tangent. Again, taking the darlings out to lunch. Makayla got to pick and of course she picked Avanti's. So we go and enjoy our usual. After we are getting ourselves ready to go, Makayla is holding Maggers and all of a sudden I hear a sound that I want to run under the table from. Makayla has just...oh continuing to pass a little, er I mean ALOT of gas!! I looked at her and told her to stop. Yeah, I know that was unreasonable. What made it even worse was that I thought for sure she was going to drop Maggers so I, trying not to laugh my gas off, was practically tripping over myself to get to her. When I went to take Maggers from her, I realized that she was holding onto her as tight as she could in the hopes that THAT would make her stop tooting. No such luck, it was one of those situations that lasted WAY too long. What was the REALLY embarrassing part was the waiter was cleaning a table behind us and, I am sure it was just a reflex, said "WHOA". I lost it. (did I forget to mention I went to high school with the waiter) I was hyperventilating, trying to grab all of our stuff, listening to Makayla crop dust as she made her way to the bathroom. I had Maggie, the diaper bag, our leftovers, the bill and realized Makayla was going to be occupied for some time in the bathroom. Trying to gain control over myself, like the mature person I am, I somehow managed to find my wallet and pay, only to keep having laughter outbursts. When Makayla finally joined us in the waiting area, she informed me I was really red in the face....really!? Makayla couldn't stop laughing which turned to crying halfway home because she said I was "going to tell everyone" and now she could never go out again!!! So here I am telling everyone and a little sad that we won't be allowed back into our favorite restaurant again! Seriously....


  1. That was really funny to read!!! I'm sure Makayla will live through the horror of passing gas in public and be happy that she didn't know the waiter :)

    Thanks for starting my day on a good note!


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