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Farm life
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I highly recommend....Meijer's

Ok, so my rant about the pharmacy at Meijer's(I did not name the store before, so now you know) must have been read by an employee, or they are just this nice. I called to ask about getting our solutabs for Magdelicious and they were VERY apologetic! The tech told me they had a $20 gas gift card that would be with my new prescription when I could make it back in from Towanda. Clearly he didn't realize that Towanda is closer to Meijer's then South Bloomington!!! I didn't inform him of that, as I still was making an extra trip. So I get there tonight with Magdelicious, in the rain, by myself, carrying her and the wrong prescription getting completely soaked(I was not intending on being such a dramatic character at that moment but it didn't hurt!!). I hand him the drenched sack and apologize for it being soaked. He then tells me that the gas card was expired so they hoped I would accept a coupon for $15 in store credit. I said that was great and I just hoped to get the right form of medicine for princess and not have to pay for it again. He understood and said it wasn't a problem as it was their error. Oh and he shows me the medicine so I know it is right. Well guess what was stapled to the bag!!!! I got not one $15 store credit but 3!!!! That is right, I got $45 credit to Meijer, where I happen to be every other day! Not bad for all the hassle. I fully take back my criticism and want to let you all know what they did to keep me coming back. That is what I call Customer Service!!!! Seriously.....

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