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Farm life
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sooo funny....sooo cruel

One of my favoritest persons came over yesterday to see our house and visit. She brought with her her amazing daughter and her cutest little baby boy. We had a great visit...too bad she works and can't come hang out everyday!! Well Mrs. C brought Maggie and Makayla a present. Maggie got a cute little bunny that you can wind up and he walks around. Makayla got a frog to a prince magic egg. Makayla has already discovered her prince and as she soon will find out when she gets older, is clearly disappointed that he is only 1 inch tall!!! Maggie played with her bunny for a few minutes last night and of course tasted him. Well today while EJ was playing with her on the floor, he discovered that the bunny must have done a number on her while we weren't looking. She screamed and tried to get away from the bunny today. Of course he didn't realize it was the bunny at first and tried to get her distracted with it. She screamed louder. I was not in the room for this so I of course, like any of you would, made him show her the bunny again, while video taping it. It is clearly the funniest thing I have seen in a while. She is PETRIFIED of this bunny!! Even across the room now if she sees it she starts crying. We have retired the bunny to Makayla's room for now. Only after thinking it was his feet that freaked her out and mom popped them off. Nope, still doesn't like it. Well thanks for thinking of the girls Mrs. C and don't mind the therapy bills that will be sent to you for Miss Maggie!!! Seriously....

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